About the Project

About the Project

A note from   This is a static image of the CD cover for Someday 20 Years Later by Dave Divis and George Peterson.  Dave Divis

All but two of the songs on this CD were written for a project started back in the late 1980's when my good friend George Peterson and I were living in West New York, NJ. Long story short, before the project was done both of us were offer music jobs that actually paid some money and we went our separate ways; hoping someday to return and finish what we started.

Twenty years later, no longer making a living as a musician and living in Maryland, I was really looking for a meaningful project to sink my teeth into. Out of the blue it occurred to me that everything I needed to finish the project from almost 20 years ago was available to me now in Maryland. George thought it was a good idea and flew out from California to help. He pulled many all-nighters putting together lead sheets and transcribing music from old tapes and we spent two week laying down the instrumental tracks for the songs.

Four months later, with a lot of help from friends of mine at

in Ellicott City, MD, and after many hours in the mixing room, we came up with a CD that turned out pretty good. Thanks to everybody who took part and helped make it happen.

~ Dave Divis


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