Personal Thanks

Personal Thanks

    Words from This is a static image of a notebook.  Dave Divis

To all the musicians who took part:

Pat Brim

The crooner form Nebraska with the perfect voice for "At Last." It's all about football, baby.

Eddie Chell

Brought his mature bluesy feel to Make Up II on the special edition version of the CD. Great job. Wish I had a song you could have played harmonica on … maybe next time.

Daniel Cichetti

The sax man … sounds great! Thanks for helping me finish this project and hope you had as much fun as I did.

Brielle Divis

One of Daddy's little girls on her first recording project. You did great sweetie! It will be fun listening to it twenty years from now.

Deborah Divis

The voice I was looking for on "I Don't Know What It Is" and it was right under my own roof! I'm so happy with how it turned out… thanks! Love you!

Suzanne Fair

Sings like an angel. you should be making a living doing this!

Dr. Stephen Lay

Ph.D. in music, great singer, conductor, keyboardist, all around musician! Superb! … and thanks for letting me play timpani in church!

Nick McCagg

Scary talented… should be make some real waves someday. Great job!

Scott McCagg

The guitar player I never met… isn't technology amazing? You were awesome… can't thank you enough.

Vicki Moore

Gave the edge I was looking for on "Let It Go." Sounds great! Hope you find a band to sing in while you are at school.

Special thanks goes to:

Todd McCagg

World class bass player, great singer, and great studio engineer who was there for every minute of it: recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, singing, and laying bass. It would have never have happened without your help, Todd. Thanks!

Louise McCagg

For all sorts of reasons, but in this case, for putting up with me while I worked with Todd on a project that you might have thought would never end.

George Peterson

My closest friend and a musician's musician. The person who is better at expressing himself through music than anyone I've ever met.

Deborah Divis

My partner in life, for your love and support, for being a great mom, for singing on the project, and for putting together a great CD package.

My children: Brielle, Basie, and Miles

… where the meaning of life really begins.

Tony and Jane Divis

My amazing parents who both continute to inspire me by example. Love you both very much!

Dean Divis, Dee Ann Divis, and Earnest Hall, Jr.

Always thinking about you.

My Father-in-law Earnest Hall, Sr.

Never heard him complain about anything.

Teachers and friends

All those who have helped me over the years. There are so many who have made a difference in my life. Thanks!


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